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PimpFish 2010 is a download manager for web browsers
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PimpFish is a download manager for web browsers. It installs itself as a toolbar in your web browser, sitting below the address bar. From there, you can tell it to download media, that is, pictures, movies, and sounds, from the website you are currently visiting. It can download either all the media content from a website, or just individual items. Movies are downloaded in .FLV file format, as long as they are flash based.

PimpFish becomes extremely useful when you need to download more than one movie or picture. It can download entire picture albums automatically, and it is smart about doing so, too. You can configure it to follow links on a website and download linked content. So, if you have a page with thumbnails of movies, you can download those in a batch. You can also use it to download attachments from forums or boards. Besides, the application has a password manager that remembers passwords for you. There is also one particularly interesting feature called Skinfinder, which can detect skin in a picture and download it if there's a percentage of skin present. It could be useful for filtering out certain pictures when carrying out automated downloads.

PimpFish was developed to work with Internet Explorer and has only recently released a beta plug-in for Firefox.

José Fernández
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  • Support for batch operations
  • Support for movie and flash videos
  • Password manager and smart downloader


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